Tyler Glasnow debuted With 5 Strikeouts In A 7-2 Win Against Angels

On the Wednesday night against Angles Rays pulled out their newest asset and barged on Angles, Tyler Glasnow was acquired in a trade on Tuesday that involved sending Chris Archer to the Pirates. However, Glasnow proved that he was totally worth it. In his debut game with Rays, he went ahead with such magnificent energy and that made the crowd go wild with cheers.

The game started with striking out David Fletcher with a fantastic K, A 97-mph four-seamer on the inside corner for strike three. Kole Calhoun came out next and made a shot into the Rays tank that gave a 1-0 lead to Angeles, then Mike Trout reached out the base, but that is not the end of the story. Glasnow took care of that too, he took good care of Trout on his attempt to steal third departing from the mound with 5 strikeouts in 3 innings and a walk.


“Fastball, curveball, slider today, I had a good feel for things,” Glasnow said following the Rays’ 7-2 win. “I felt relaxed out there. Overall, the feel in this clubhouse is really good. It’s relaxed, it’s friendly.”

Even the opponents could not sit still to see his job-well-done:

“He’s got a big arm,” Angels manager Mike Scioscia said. “He made some good pitches and did what they needed him to do. He got the game to a certain point, and then they came in and did a good job. He’s got a big arm, no doubt.”

Obviously, this debut was no match to any debut ever made by any MLB Player in History. Also, this means a lot for the future of the Rays and from the looks of it, I’m sure the futures looking good. Let’s see what’s manager Kevin Cash’s take on that:

“Probably not going to [throw 70 percent strikes] all of the time,” Cash said. “But a great start. If he’s featuring that kind of stuff at a 70 percent clip in the zone, he’s going to have a special career.”

Probably, but still, Glasnow is good for rays, I hope this way they can let go of the disappointment of trading Chris Archer.

After Glasnow, Jake Faria took the mound in the 4th inning and immediately struck out Trout. After getting back from DL it was his first time getting on with action. After that Angeles took a 2-0 lead with singles from Pujols and Andrelton Simmons.

Then Tommy Pham led the second half of the 4th which ended with 0-3 with a walk a run and an HBP on ribs. Then Willy Adames hit a hard base to the left to tied things up.

And that’s not it, rays weren’t satisfied with just that continuing the game Mallex Smith got a triple out into the LCF gap giving Rays a 3-2 lead. Then the 4th home run of the year from Willy made it more of a great game to see and Rays went up to a 4-2 lead. After an RBI Single from Matt Duffy, Jake Bauers made a pretty good shot, his 9th homer of the season then Jose Alvarado closed things up.

The game was worth it, All the Rays were in full form and had done a great job leading them to a 7-2 win over Angels.

“A lot of the same guys turning it over and getting big, timely hits when we need them,” Rays manager Kevin Cash said.

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