The First Hall of Famer in the club.

The fraternity gets a little more prestigious this morning with the addition of Hall of Famer Tracy Ringolsby.

Ringolsby spent tens of minutes researching and writing this piece for Fox Sports.

His two most-entertaining arguments:

1. “The franchise has drawn 2 million only once — the inaugural season of 1998.”

No one showed up to see the stinkers Vince put on the field from 1998-2007! The outrage! Anyone that wouldn’t plunk down $150 to see Ryan Rupe and Jason Tyner clearly doesn’t appreciate baseball and doesn’t deserve a team.

2. “As Rays players reach free agency, they become members of the Tampa Bay alumni club. If the ticket-buying public doesn’t care, why should ownership?”

The Rays can’t afford to pay free agents because they don’t sell tickets! The only reason people don’t buy tickets is because they are ungrateful neophytes who don’t know how to spend their money! There is no other way to measure fan interest beside ticket sales! (What’s that? The Rays had great local TV ratings but attendance numbers were crushed by the economy — which was hit this market harder than others — and a bad stadium? Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain! To quote the great Homer Simpson: “Facts schmacts. Facts can be used to prove anything that is even remotely true.”)

Hey. Tracy. There is a whole world outside of baseball that, amazingly, actually affects the game.

By the way, sweet cowboy hat.

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