Tampa Bay Rays: It’s Time To Move Ahead

Considering Rays most recent increase in losses and injuries it is better for Tampa Bay Rays to think of the future now.

Tampa Bay Rays although are better at their hometown games they need a  lot of work when they face their opponents on their grounds. They stand at a 49-47, with 26-17 at home and 23-30 when they are away, that obviously can get better with time but maybe that time is now. they need to think fast and do what they need to do now.

The Team is in a transition period and working its way up but still, there are teams in American League that are doing a lot better than them namely Red Sox and Yankees.

Through recent rumors and outcomes drawn from Rays recent performances, we have come up with a few suggestions that might come in handy in forming the team in a better way.

First of Chris Archer needs to go, though he doesn.t becomes a free agent till 2020, the soon to be 30 years old player has given enough years to rays already. it’s time when rays should consider him for a trade. They may not get that good alternative against him but still can do a lot better.

Besides there have been some signs that suggest Archer himself wants to be traded, for example during an interview when he was asked if he was the rays organization where would he see Chris Archer, his reply was something like this:

“If I’m an organization, I would want to keep me, but that’s the thing, other organizations would like to have me, too,” he said. “I don’t know why (they’d trade me). I signed a contract that is extremely affordable, especially for what I provide. Outside of being out for six weeks, take away the win-loss and stuff like that, and I cover 200 innings. I can help influence any young pitcher and player, I like hanging out with our position players, too.

“At the same time, Manny Machado, five players just came back (to the Orioles from the Dodgers) for two months of service. I’m sure it’s enticing because they could get more, but if I’m an organization, I would want to keep me.”

The words “other organizations would like to have me, too,” didn’t go unnoticed.

Other than that, Another One of players Rays have that was fit to be traded and had the potential to bring in a great trading deal is Wilson Ramos; however, he is on a DL List after his hamstring injury. Now it’s time to change direction and look to extend his contract. That will be best for the team. Also, the player seems to want to stay to in one of his recent comments he said:

“They know how to play this game. So, I’m very happy with this team. We are [competitive]. We’ve made a couple of mistakes. It happens in the game when you are young. I’m 100 percent sure this team will be good soon.”

As the rays have all the young players in their pitching staff it is better to have the security of a well-experienced pitcher like Wilson Ramos to stay on the team.

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