Rob Neyer inducts John Romano into the club.

John Romano has the latest doomsday [ok, I agree that adjective was too strong so I dropped it. Ain’t the internet grand?] off-season scenario in today’s St. Pete Times. He writes:


Trust me John, this hurts me more than it hurts you.

Which is precisely how they will proceed going into next week’s winter meetings in Orlando. They will look for the perfect deal. They will try to find the perfect player on the margins. They will operate as if a pennant is still within reach.

And if that doesn’t work, they should be willing to go in a completely different direction.

The baseball winter meeting is one of those non-news events that news organizations have to make into a big deal because there isn’t anything else newsworthy going on (kind of like NFL training camp and “best shape of his career” day at the start of spring training). We have been suffering through two months of rumors and speculation and, finally, all the big players are going to be in the same hotel for a few days so, let’s make it seem like the only relevant off-season action happens in six days.

The winter meetings are a chance to sign some guys, but they aren’t the only chance. So, John, your false urgency have earned you a membership in the fraternity.

I’d write more but our illustrious Sweet Spot leader Rob Neyer beat me to the punch:

Sorry, but I don’t see that happening because I think the guys who run the organization are just too bloody smart to reach Opening Day without putting a roster together that’s capable of winning 90 games. And if you can win 90, you can win — by dint of luck or acumen — 95, and get into the playoffs.

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