Point: Theme a Little Theme of Me

By Brendan T. Gleason

Mark, you boring, no fun having, no fun wanting, beginning of the story Scrooge. (you know…before he sees the error of his ways and actually likes things).

Everyone knows that trips are supposed to be fun. I donʼt care if youʼre in a car with a couple buds on the way to Vegas, if youʼre on a train with your significant other to go
antiquing(you know you drag the mrs. from time to time, Heilig) or if youʼre on a work trip with the rest of your fellow employees from Tampa to Seattle(followed by LA and then Baltimore). Make it fun.

We can say that theyʼre already playing a game, and it should be fun because theyʼre making millions of dollars to do something that so many of us would do for monopoly money…and thatʼs partly true. But I say, these guys are playing a game we love, making millions of dollars to do it, I better see the fun off the field as well as on it. Thereʼs a rain delay? go slide on the tarp. Out to dinner after a ballgame? Sign some autographs. Buy some drinks for strangers. Enjoy the fact that youʼre a major league ballplayer. Have a long road trip, throw a theme to each city and show up prepared.

Seattle is grungy…wear grungy clothes. LA has beaches and a laid back atmosphere…wear beach attire. Wear pajamas to Baltimore because thatʼs where “House Party 2 – The Pajama Jam” was filmed. (truth be told…no idea why they chose pajamas for Baltimore, but I still say go with it!) I think they should wear cowboy gear on the next trip to Arlington. Maybe dress as gangsters when they have a road series against the White Sox. Collectively dress as a full slab of ribs and waddle through the
Kansas City airport when they have a 3 game stint against the Royals.

Why not?

This just in…Major League Baseball players all dress in the same outfits every time they take the field. If your everyday “work” requires you to put on a costume, why should it be a big deal if they want to do it while traveling?

I was fortunate enough to go on a cross country comedy tour with 3 of my best friends. We were on the road for 3 months, stopped in 55 cities, had over 80 shows, and did it
all while traveling in a tour bus for what seemed like 15 hours each day. It was a ton of work, and it could get stressful, but we worked better as a group and got along better as
friends when we were goofing off. Every now and then I would sit back and realize I was on a cross country and back road trip telling jokes to America…how could I not
have a blast with that?

Which brings me to the biggest reason why I think itʼs a good idea…camaraderie! If youʼve ever seen a fictitious baseball movie, you know the team doesnʼt really start to
gel on the field until they gel off of it. Direct quote from baseball movies: “The new pitcher or manager is a kid, we hate everything about our jobs…oh wait, the kid is
teaching us why we fell in love with baseball all those years ago, and now since we get along as people and weʼre having fun, weʼre going to start playing better as a team.” –
The entire adult baseball cast of both “Rookie of the Year” and “Little Big League.”

If itʼs a good enough strategy for a kid who had a medical mistake that made him throw fast and another kid whoʼs grandpa owned a team, kicked the bucket, and left him in
charge…itʼs good enough for these Rays!!

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