Point: That Decision S*^cks

Mark, you rule loving, “just-the-facts-maʼam” saying, Bronxian prude. Sure, Bronxian is underlined in red right now, but iʼm pretty sure itʼs a proper adjective.

Iʼm not sure how you could side with the Tropicana Field staff on this one. But it makes me think that you side with other ridiculous decisions, like the tuck rule, or the decision to televise “The Decision”, or Rachelʼs decision to end up with Ross. Really? Top 5 worst main characters from any show ever. Seriously…whine more Ross, I dare ya.

I have a couple points on why kicking this fan out of the stadium was a bad decision. In no particular order.

• I have some pretty good friends out here, all of them Dodgersʼ fans, who sent that link around, calling me lame for liking the Rays. Thatʼs how bad this is. Dodgers fans…who saw some of their own brethren beat a Giants fan to within an inch of his life because he was wearing a different jersey, are saying that the Rays are lame because our stadium kicked out a guy for wearing a shirt that said “yankees s#@k”. (I donʼt want to get kicked off anything related to the Rays right now, so Iʼm being careful). Obviously Iʼm not comparing the 2 incidents. One was a stupid thing that will go away in a couple of days, the other was a seriously disgusting act. But it gave my Dodger fan friends something to make fun of me for. So thanks again Trop.

• The Yankees are one of our 2 biggest rivals. They buy players. They buy championships. There are die hard Yankees fans who have never been to New York a day in their life. The Yankees do suck. That shirt was just telling the truth. Would they have kicked him out if his shirt said, “The Taliban Sucks” or “2 and a Half Men Sucks” or “The fact that when people hear the word Friday they think of the stupidest song thatʼs ever been recorded for YouTube instead of one of the greatest movies of all time…sucks”? I donʼt think so.

• Thereʼs no reason for The Trop to kick out ANY fans. Thatʼs like a struggling restaurant kicking out customers for bringing their own straw. The Rays need all the fans they can get or else people will continue to think itʼs always “dress like your favorite blue seat day” at Tropicana Field.

Itʼs not about the Yankees, or the first amendment or about rules so much as it is about stupidity. Dude is watching a game, wearing a t-shirt with 0 curse words on it. The line that weʼve drawn keeps getting moved closer and closer to absurdity, and the people drawing the line are standing on the wrong side.

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