OK. Fine. I’ll Take the Bait.

Dummy McDumberson (alternate nicknames I rejected “Moron McMoron,” “Hanky McMouthpiece,” “Hairdo McJackA–,” and “YESsy McSteinbrenner”) over at Forbes is back on the internet trolling for controversy. While I resisted his first pass, I cannot hold my tongue any longer.

Here is his latest moronic take on the Rays. WHAT?!?!? The Rays cut back advertising on WGUL? OH NO!

Look, I don’t know anything about WGUL, and I really like Paul Porter, who I think does an awesome job on the PA at the St. Pete Times Forum and the O-Rena (or whatever the new place in Orlando is called) but, how exactly does Paul Porter’s conclusion that the Rays are “clearly cutting back” mean anything? Is Paul Porter now an advertising analyst? Does he even do ad sales for WGUL? Isn’t he just a talk-show host? Does Ozanian do any, you know, background research?

At best, Porter’s opinion can be limited to WGUL right? Do we think a radio station that features The Best of Michael Medved, Best of Mike Gallagher, John Gibson Show, Phil’s Gang, and Bloomberg – First Word, has a big following of baseball fans? Why exactly were the Rays advertising there in the first place?

More importantly, so what if they cut back on radio advertising? Does that mean that didn’t increase marketing in other avenues? Did this guy even bother to do any, you know, reporting?

If Ozanian were a music reporter, he’d be writing breaking stories claiming that Michael Jackson is still alive after hearing a Michael Jackson song played on the radio. At this rate, Ozanian is going to need his own Blow-it.com category.

How do I get his lazy-ass job?

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