Nothing left but a nickname

Yesterday’s Manny-Johnny event was more Dean Martin roast than press conference. Everyone is happy, Joe Maddon still doesn’t know what he is going to do with the lineup — but Manny wants to hit leadoff because he had 5 triples in 1998 — and everyone thinks the Rays can repeat as AL East Champions.

There is simply nothing left to say about the addition of Manny and Damon until they get to Port Charlotte and start, you know, playing baseball. But, this time of year nothing else is going on so, let’s talk about Manny and Damon some more.

The top item on the list is a nickname. What do you think? RJ Anderson suggested DaManny back when the story first broke. Michael Webber has been using MannysBay in his Twitter feed.

I am lukewarm on both. We need something better. What do you got?

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