Live from SkyDome

Yeah, I know it isn’t called SkyDome anymore. But that was such a cool name, we shouldn’t let it die.

As many of you know, we here at The Ray Area have a Toronto bureau to bring you all baseball news from the frozen north, eh. Local stat analyst Chris Glover is a Toronto resident and always takes the opportunity to cross-country ski over to SkyDome when the Rays are in town.

He has offered to add a new element to the Rays-Jays experience this year by live Tweeting all three games.

So come by, check him out, send him your questions and he will send back all things Toronto. We know he’ll be busy. After all, he’ll have to send 3 Canadian tweets for every 2 American tweets because of the exchange rate.

UPDATE: Chris has a new Twitter handle. @Chris_RayArea

(P.S. Sorry about the Dudley Doright picture Chris, I just couldn’t resist).

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