Hey Forbes Stick to Business, or the Flat Tax

Sweet Spot economics expert Larry (from IIATMS) shot me a quick email this afternoon passing along

Forbes Magazine’s recently released team valuations for Major League Baseball. Larry has written extensively about the Rays and the economic conditions MLB has created that limit the Rays’ ability to succeed. Go read his stuff at IIATMS, it’s awesome.

There is a lot of information in the Forbes valuation but, I can’t take any of it seriously for two reasons.

1. Forbes went beyond its area of expertise to expound on the Rays’ potential on-field success for this season. Apparently, parsing through Forbes’ logic, Carl Crawford was the reason the Rays won 2008-2010 and his departure means the team will lose and move. (This conclusion is ironically in a story that features a photo of Evan Longoria, who is and has been better than Crawford.)

2. Forbes couldn’t even be bothered to use the Rays’ “new” logo. I put quotes on new because the logo is more than 3 years old.


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