Counterpoint: Smokers are not Role Models

Brendan, you new age cigarette label, nanny state, people are lemmings, overlord.  What’s the big issue here?  Do we really think an entire generation of kids are going to take up cigar smoking just because the Rays wear a cigar jersey for three hours?  Is this Pinocchio?

If you are going to have an event that pays homage to Tampa’s history, then pay homage to Tampa’s history.  Don’t pretend like it doesn’t exist.  If you are really concerned that kids will start smoking because the Rays wear cigars, then tell them not to smoke.  It’s called parenting.

I hate to pretend like Charles Barkley is a coherent person but, to paraphrase: The Rays are Not Role Models.  Nor should they be.

Also, isn’t part of the fun of throwback games an appreciate of how cool throwback uniforms and logos were?  Say what you want about the Rays new logo, but their uniforms are dumb.  (Don’t get me started on the road jerseys that don’t say Tampa Bay.)  Look at that beauty the Smokers wore.  Today’s test-group polished unoffensive crap can’t touch it.  Why homogenize the good right out of the Smokers?

The Smokers were a lot more than a 1950s minor league team.  They played at Plant Park forever.  Al frickin Lopez got his start with the Smokers.  You know where he ended?  Cooperstown.  If he can get to Cooperstown wearing a cigar on his shirt, then I think our children are safe.  They aren’t going to turn into Disney cartoon jackasses.

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