Comment of the Week: Weekend at Mark’s

Merrill is worried about me.

Somebody go poke Mark and make sure he’s still alive. 😀

I understand. I haven’t written in a while. I started a few different posts but, the topics weren’t that interesting and the posts were poorly written. We’ve hit a weird lull in the proceedings here. The roster is (all but) set, the trucks are packed and en route to Port Charlotte, and it’s time to go. Soon, we’ll be able to digest all the “best shape of his career stories” but, for now, I’ve got nothing.

But, let’s do this, I’ll make you a promise. I promise not to write anything bad just for the sake of writing anything. But, I also will try to avoid leaving you all hanging like I did. So, when there is nothing that sparks my interest for a day or two, we’ll invoke the Coffee Talk rule. I’ll be your veclempt host, Linda Richman. Please, talk amongst yourselves, I’ll give you a topic:

Andrew Friedman called the off-season a “dream” scenario even though it ended without an obvious catching solution. Kind of a boring dreamer, right? Discuss.

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