Comment of the Week: Time to get Excited

Chris Glover swoops in and grabs a COW honor with his Jessie Spano impression. After Travis broke the news of Carlos Pena’s return, Chris wrote:

Travis, this comment just got me fired up for baseball again. With the mild distraction of football about to end I was wondering how I would pass the time here in Toronto as the snow gets deeper, but you saved me! Time to start getting pumped for next season!

Why Jessie Spano? Because, like Chris, I’m so excited, I’m so excited, I’m so…..scared. (Chris, do they have Saved by the Bell in England or Canada? Do you get the reference?)

I am ecstatic to have Pena back. My wife and kids think he’s great so, his return means we have 162 games locked into the family calendar. Also, he is just a fun guy to root for and he has the potential to dramatically improve our offense.

But, Pena’s return also freaks me out. We know he’s going to fan at an incredible rate. We know he probably won’t face lefties. And we know we don’t have an obvious platoon partner for him.

So, yeah. Pena’s return is a mixed blessing. But, in the final analysis, if this is going to be our year, I’d want Pena in the clubhouse when it happens.


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