Yankees Attempts at loading basses in the 9th inning failed and Rays lead (3-1), Thursday’s Game

In the last of the three game-series, Tampa Bay Rays made the 3-1 lead on Yankees. Ray’s Rookie Adam Kolarek sure made a fine show of his pitches in the ninth inning loaded with bases. No one has ever struck out like he did in a situation like this (with Bases loaded) at least not in the minor league.

When he walked out of the stadium victorious he felt a sense of proud in his conduct.

”It just hasn’t been at this level,” he said. ”And certainly not in a stadium like Yankee Stadium.”

Kolarek managed his career’s first save in the middle of a life-threatening plight on Thursday and made Rays overcome the Yankees with 3-1 in their own Yankees Stadium it’s a first since 2014. Since the ballpark opened in 2009, Rays have been making a record out of their 12 consecutive losses in game series in the Bronx.

”This can be an intimidating, daunting place to play,” Kevin Cash, Rays’ manager said. ”But I don’t think these guys really concern themselves with that too much.”

After Sergio Romo started struggling through the ninth inning allowing singles to Didi Gregorius and Gleyber Torres (Torres was out after a short while due to an error made by him) and walking Neil Walker on four pitches, Rays’ Left-hander Kolarek came in to save the day, striking out Greg Bird in his first pitch, Bird had hit the ball in the foul territory. After this, the 29-year-old struck out both Brett Gardner and Austin Romine, Romine through a fastball speeding 95 mph.

”Getting Bird out on that first pitch was huge,” Kolarek said. ”Because once you get one out, you’re like, ‘OK, I’m one pitch away.’ To get the strikeouts was just a little bit more special.”

Tommy Pham had also returned after his recovery from a right foot fracture and helped Rays facing Masahiro Tanaka hitting an RBI double then Blake Snell and all the others took care of everything else.

It was Snell’s third start after recovering from DL with left shoulder fatigue. During this period he has struck out five players with only two balls hit. He threw 76 Pitches on Thursday.

Pham was on DL still when he heard about the game in Yankee Stadium and begged manager Kevin Cash to let him be in the lineup and played his first ever game in Yankees Stadium.

The Rays opened the game with Tanaka with four straight hits. Mallex Smith hit a single, stole second, then scored against Joey Wendle’s double and after Jake Bauers single Pham finally got his chance and he struck a double off the wall to the left field. Then he added a single in the third and then hit a drive in the left-center field to the warning track which was caught by Aaron Hicks leading to the sixth inning.

Bauers held Smith against David Robertson during the eighth inning his bunt gave no chance to Robertson to play at the plate as it was hugged by the first-base line.

The game was worth seeing adding to another victory of the Rays against Yankees. The Rays have now tumbled over Yankees in three series leading Rays to (62-59) and Yankees adding to another lose in (75-46) with their chances to hold a wild-card spot crumbling.

Tampa Bay Rays Beat the Baltimore Orioles 5-4 on Thursday Night

One-run games have long since been a tradition at Tampa Bay Rays grounds and there is no stopping it. Once again Tampa Bay Rays tied this record by beating Baltimore Orioles 5-4 on Thursday night in their final game of the series against them. It was the sixth consecutive one-run game for the Tampa Bay Rays Franchise.

“Hopefully we’re looking at that as a positive,” Rays manager Kevin Cash said. “We’ve got to find ways to separate some games. But, if you’re in a lot of one-run games, that means in you’re in a lot of baseball games.”

This time around Jake Bauers made two-run single between two of his runs in the seventh inning off Cody Carroll (0-1) to earn this victory for his team.

“Obviously the wins and losses aren’t there in the past six games here, but we’ve been in every ball game,” said first baseman Jake Bauers, “I think that’s been the key for us.”

Then it was Yonny Chirinos turn and unfortunately, he allowed a solo homer from Renato Nunez earlier in the seventh giving a 4-3 lead to Orioles. Chirinos allowed one run with three hits with trucking out four. He completed five innings to make his first major league conquest.

“Hopefully there’s many more to come after this one,” Chirinos said through a translator.

Jake Bauers had good things to say for him too.

“That’s awesome,” Bauers said. “Hard-fought for him.”

After that Sergio Romo took the mound, who struck out Renato Nunez and made his 14th save.

“Yonny was outstanding,” manager Kevin Cash said. “That’s two back-to-back outings where he’s been very efficient. … And then (Jose) Alvarado (scoreless eighth) and Sergio (scoreless ninth) do their thing.”

Let’s face it Baltimore Orioles has the worst record in AL-East standing at 35-80, but the start of the game looked like there was a victory waiting for them after so many losses but then the fate took on another turn and by the end named the victory to Tampa Bay Rays (58-57).

Going forward Matt Duffy got his first chance of an extra base in almost 24 games, he nailed an RBI double off David Hess in the third inning when Ji-Man Choi hit a solo homer in the fourth inning that made the game 3-2. And then Bauers sacrifice fly tied the game making it 3-3.

After the Nunez, leading homer in the seventh Jake Bauers sense the need and hit off with his career’s ninth go-ahead hit and then smacking the pitches one after another to make this game a 5-4 win for Tampa Bay Rays. The game was outstandingly looked like a tug-war and was one of the most amazing ones seen in Tropicana Field with a crowd more than 10,000 present at the stadium.

“Obviously it would have been easy to get jumpy and jump on something,” Bauers said. “But I tried to put a good swing on something and luckily I got a line drive.”

The Tampa Bay Rays Major Trades: Nathan Eovaldi For LHP Jalen Beeks & Matt Andriese For catcher Michael Perez Plus RHP Brian Shaffer

The Tampa Bay Rays have been busy making some major trading deals with Boston Red Sox and Arizona Diamondbacks. On Wednesday Morning, the Rays traded Nathan Eovaldi in exchange for the LHP Jalen Beeks.

“I knew I was on the trading block,” Eovaldi said. “I guess my initial reaction when they first said I got traded, I was like oh because I feel like I’ve developed such a relationship with all the guys here, and all the opportunity that the Rays gave me to come back and recover from my surgery….But then again when they said it was Boston I can’t help but be excited about that. First place in our division, that says a lot. … Really excited about going over there and helping that team.”

Eovaldi has pitched fine since recovering after his injuries, he was getting ready for the game and was unaware that a deal concerning him was in action. Then he was called by manager Kevin Cash around 10:30 and was informed that he got traded.

“I was just about ready to start getting ready for the start when he called me in,” Eovaldi said. “Everything is kind of swirling right now.”

Beeks in one of the finest trade prospect for Tampa Bay Rays, since his major league debut in June with Red Sox he is been giving outstanding performances in all of his games. He is now 34-28, 3.63 in 96 Games from which he started in 94 games.

After this deal, everyone was thinking that’s it when Rays Landed another bomb on our heads with another big deal marking Matt Andriese. They traded Matt Andriese in the afternoon of the same day getting catcher Michael Perez and RHP Brian Shaffer in exchange from Arizona Diamondbacks.

Andriese has a record of 3-4, 4.07 ERA in 27 games and been doing a lot better as a starter a 4.28 ERA. He has learned a lot and he says that he appreciates the time he has spent with the Rays.

“I’m thankful for the opportunities the Tampa Bay Rays gave me to become a well-rounded pitcher,” he said via text. “And for the friendships, I built with my teammates, the coaching staff, clubhouse guys and front office.” Get your Tampa Bay Rays tickets discount coupon and must watch their match live.

25 years old catcher Michael Perez, the Diamondbacks draft pick in 2011 seems like the key deal for the Rays as he has been recently listed as the best defensive catcher by Baseball America. This season his record looks something like this a .284/.342/.417 line in Triple-A Reno and a 38.4% caught stealing record. Furthermore, he has hit six home runs and 29 RBI in 58 games for Triple-A Reno.

The Pitcher Brian Shaffer, on the other hand, is only 21 years old and has a record of 7-5 with a 2.70 ERA. He has played at the University of Maryland with Rays minor league prospect Brandon Lowe before being picked by the Diamondbacks in the last season in the 6th round of amateur picks.

Rays fans are looking forward to upcoming games for the performances by new additions in the team.

Tampa Bay Rays Outstanding Performance: 1-0 win over Washington Nationals

Led by the baseball pitcher for the Tampa Bay Rays of Major League Baseball Nathan Eovaldi, Tampa Bay Rays did something out of ordinary and stunned the audience with a phenomenal pitching that took them to lead by 1-0 against the Washington Nationals on Tuesday afternoon.

The Rays came up with a mind-blowing planning to enroll their straight fifth win which as a result move them back in a game of .500 at 39-40.

“This was pretty interesting,” Kevin Cash, Tampa Bay Rays manager said. “A good one. It’s so tough to win 1-0. You’ve got to do everything right. And we did just enough of that.”

Though the season the Rays had already broken the new bullpen management ground, starting the game with a reliever instead of bringing in their starter was a mad idea though in the end it earned them a fabulous win. It was on Tuesday afternoon when The Tampa Bay Rays came face to face against The Washington Nationals that Kevin cash The Rays manager took it in his own hands to do something so incredible that everyone was left awed.

“It’s not the best feeling when you get one run in the first and you realistically are saying that might be all you get; how do you navigate the rest?” Cash said.

When Tampa Bay rays were barely clinging onto 1-0 lead at the start of the ninth inning, cash was suddenly hit with the craziest plan. He decided to send a lefty to face both of the lefties Bryce Harper and Juan Soto, but the righty Anthony Rendon was in the way he was in between both of them and could bring left-handed pitcher crashing down. Then at the end it was decided to be a little more creative and instead of using two different lefty relievers and changing three pitches, he simply brought lefty Jose Alvarado to go against Harper and then after Harper drew a walk, he sent in Righty Chaz Roe to face Rendon all this while Alvarado was left standing at the first Base.

Regular first baseman Jake Bauers exchanged positions and went to the left field, with left fielder Mallex Smith relocated to right and right fielder Johnny Field was brought out of the game. At first, Alvarado was quite confused at the setting.

After the game according to MLB.com’s Bill Chastain the rays manager stated: “[He was] pretty shocked,” Cash told, “Obviously there’s a language barrier. The best was Wilson Ramos looking at me like I had two heads. I said, ‘Just shut up and explain it to him.’ He can make fun of me later on.”

Jake Bauers had a prier alert though: “I told him, ‘Hey, go hold him on, don’t move and catch the ball if someone throws it to you.’ He went for that popup pretty good. He got to the wall quick. He stuck his hand out and everything.”

Then Chaz Roe struck out Rendon and everybody went back to their original positions: Alvarado back to the mound and Bauers back to the first.

Then Alvarado gave successive singles to both Juan Soto and Daniel Murphy, all bases packed with one outs. But the game was not over yet that’s when cash played another ace move and brought Sergio Romo on the field and he managed to finalize the game for the rays.

“I thought it was really fun,” Romo said. “We won 1-0 against a really good team. That’s pretty awesome.”

The Rays showed there is so much to do about winning a game and their brilliant performances and Cash’s ace moves were the best show of tact in all MLB League.

Minute Maid Park’s Train Became a Target of Baseballs From Tampa Bay Rays Player

Minute Maid Park has set up a train at the left, 90 feet above the field which is supposedly a celebratory train that takes tours on homeruns from astros while it whistles. Though it has been constantly targeted by many of home runs from different players during games or practices but could intentionally throwing baseballs on it can be considered as one of its accustomed rituals?


Before the Astros and the Tampa Bay Rays could come face to face for the battle on Wednesday one of the players from Tampa Bay Rays side was seen to be throwing baseballs at the train, hitting the side if its engine from the outfield during warm-ups. A video film has been captured by a fan which shows a player (not identified at the time) aiming at the train for a total of three time with baseball before the team went back to the clubhouse.

Target of Baseballs From Tampa Bay Rays Player

The MMP’s train is one of its prized possessions after the Commissioner’s Trophy and it to be hit by a visiting player and not just one time can definitely anger anyone who cherishes these possessions specifically the video put many of the Astros Fans in a tight spot. However, on giving it a second thought, these are the same Tampa Bay players who offered their Tropicana Field to Astros when they needed to play their series against the rangers during the times of Hurricane Harvey’s widespread destruction.


Nonetheless, Bobby “Dynamite” Vasquez, who is the Astros’ train conductor, gave a fabulous response to the Rays on Twitter:

“Thanks Rays for throwing the baseballs up to the tracks! You helped me send home a dozen #Astros fans with souvenirs!#payitforward

Max Scherzer Made 10th Win, Striking out 13 While Washington Nationals Stood Victorious Against Tampa Bay Rays

Max Scherzer continued with the strike while on the other hand the Tampa Bay Rays continued producing outs.
It was one of another brilliant performance from Washington Nationals top player. Max Scherzer pitched eight strong innings to become the first 10-game winner to make it in the majors, striking out 13 in the Washington Nationals 4-2 win against the Tampa Bay Rays on Tuesday night.

“I looked up at one time and he had 86 pitches (and) 70 strikes,” Kevin Cash, Tampa Bay manager said. “It’s absurd. Guys just don’t do that. There’s a lot of good pitchers in this league, but for a guy to just sit there and pound the strike zone the way he did and not give up hard hits, it’s just really telling about how special a pitcher he is.”

Scherzer struck out Johnny Field, Christian Arroyo and Daniel Robertson on a joint nine pitches in the sixth inning. It was the third nine pitch/three strikeout inning in Nationals history and the first since Scherzer did it against Philadelphia on May 14, 2017.

Max Scherzer

Scherzer joins Hall of Famer with the only pitchers to have accomplish this twice including Lefty Grove, Randy Johnson, Sandy Koufax and Nolan Ryan.

“I honestly didn’t know I had it; then I walked off the field and I was like `Wait a second, I think that was it,”‘

Scherzer said.

Scherzer struck out 25 over 16 innings in his last two starts and went erratic with five hits to Tampa Bay also was not allowing anyone to make past the second base until pinch hitter brad miller made a two-out double in the eighth.
“Twenty-five out of 28 first-pitch strikes,” Dave Martinez, Washington manager said. “That’s pretty much as good as it gets. He was awesome tonight.”

Washington first baseman Matt Adams’ solo homer lead off the second, opened the scoring. Then Juan Soto singled, moved to third on Michael A. Taylor’s single and slid under Wilson Ramos’ tag when first baseman C.J. Cron threw home on Wilmer Difo’s grounder.