A Two-for-One Special

It’s been a while since I posted in the Blow-It.Com section. But I noticed two things this week worthy of induction into the exclusive Blow-It.Com club.

1) The St. Pete Times (I don’t know who is behind this, the writer or the editor, so we’ll just throw the whole publication into the blow-it.com arena):

In both of the summaries of games 1 and 2 of the Rays-Royals series this week the St. Pete Times referred to the crowd as “a gathering.” I think that is such an underhanded dig at the fan base. Not only that, but to use it on consecutive days is particularly offensive. It’s like being around a kid that says something he thinks is funny, realizes no one laughed, so he says it again. Hey, Times, why don’t you get back to running multi-part “exposes” on some low-level government bureaucrat. Because you have to be better at that than you are at sarcastic humor. A “gathering?” Really? Sounds like an adjective that better describes your readership than the fans of this club.

2) Fox Trax

Uncle already. Just because you have the ability to do something doesn’t mean you should do it.

First, we saw Fox Trax on the occasional pitch-by-pitch replay of an at bat and I thought it was marginally interesting. Then we started seeing it on the replay of close calls by an umpire, and I thought it was a little less interesting because, in slow motion, it was easy to tell if a pitch was a strike or not without the graphic. Then, either BA or his producer decided it was a good idea to use Fox Trax anytime a pitch was replayed, regardless of whether it was close or not, and I started to get annoyed.

Now, it is a permanent fixture on the screen and is animated with an aerial shot of the plate? Who thought that was a good idea? Maybe FSN could throw a blue halo around the ball so we always know where it is? Can we just watch the game please without feeling like we are looking at a heads-up display or playing a video game? Real life is just fine for me, thanks.


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